10 of the Best Beaches in Albany and the Greater South Area


Enjoy the coastal scenery at the best beaches in Albany and the Deep South region

Renowned for their long stretches of brilliant white sand, clear turquoise waters and smooth granite headlands, the beaches of Albany and the South Coast are arguably some of the best in the world, if not the best.

Considering one of these beaches has just been crowned the best of the best in all of Australia, it’s safe to say that a road trip south is planned to soak up some of the finest coastal hideaways. from WA.

Load up the car, collect the beach towels and catch your favorite sunbathers – we take you to some of our favorite beaches in the Deep South region.

beach of misery

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I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but very recently Albany’s Misery Beach was named the best beach in the country by Tourism Australia – so naturally it’s number one on our must-see list.

You can find the now famous little spot about 20 miles from Albany along Frenchman’s Bay Road. It’s peaceful, secluded, and sits on a stretch of white sand that leads to an impressive granite promontory. You should probably take a trip ASAP before all of Australia floods its shores.

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Location: Torndirrup, Western Australia

Source: @larkshots

green pool

One word to describe Greens Pool? Magical.

Pretty much completely sheltered by rounded rocks, it’s pretty close to what one might call paradise in our own backyard. The turquoise water, pristine sand and crystal clear conditions are breathtaking. As soon as you see it, you will understand why it is one of the most popular beaches in the region.

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Location: Edge of William Bay National Park, Denmark

Small Beach

Also a well-known little slice of paradise in Albany, Little Beach scores points on all fronts.

Small, picture-perfect and seemingly blessed with the bluest of oceans, it’s not just the dazzling waterfront that attracts visitors, but also the famous rock formation right in the middle of the beach that has made plenty of Insta snaps.

Location: Nanarup, Western Australia

best beaches in albany - small beach
Source: @lolahubner

Bay of Two Peoples

Not to be confused with Little Beach, which is part of the Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, this entire place deserves its own mention.

It’s a much longer space if you find Little Beach a little, well, little, and still showcases the incredible coastal scenery of the Deep South. It’s all part of a secluded nature reserve that also offers great hiking along the Bay of Two Peoples Heritage Trail if you are willing to do some leisurely exercise.

Location: 35 kilometers east of Albany, Western Australia.

whale cove

Another sheltered little gem, Whaling Cove is among our favorites for its incredible scenery and views of King George Sound.

It’s just a bit of a drive to Torndirrup National Park and it’s usually very popular. The views alone make this an amazing place to sit and soak up the coastline or snap some great photos, and if the conditions are right you won’t be able to resist a cheeky dip.

Location: Albany, Western Australia

best beaches in albany - whaling coverage
Source: @tomproudfoot

elephant rocks

This stunning stretch of beach in Denmark owes its iconic name to the stunning rock formation that resembles a herd of elephants playing in the water.

It’s right next to Greens Pool, and a fabulous sight to behold. It’s a bit more exposed to the elements, so it’s not the best place to swim, but that’s not necessary when it looks so beautiful.

Location: William Bay National Park, Denmark

best beaches - elephant rocks
Source: @zandrones

flower beach

Super popular among families, a trip to Bremer Bay requires a necessary visit to Blossoms Beach.

It’s pretty much good for any form of beach activity your heart desires, and the shallow conditions make it perfect for little ones. It has vehicle access and crystal clear waters to enjoy all day.

Location: Bremer Bay, Western Australia

Middleton Beach

Once again, a beautiful seascape in Albany is calling us.

Popular for swimming, windsurfing and picnicking, Middleton Beach does it all with 5 miles of creaky white sand and BBQ facilities for a full day of beach fun. There’s also a pier you can fish off if you’re up for that sort of thing, and the sunsets are quite stunning from here.

Location: Albany, Western Australia

peaceful bay

Aptly named, you can’t help but instantly relax when you arrive on the shores of Peaceful Bay.

Located about 45 km west of Denmark, it is a great place to swim, snorkel, kite surf or just sit back and enjoy the view. The little-known location is generally quiet, and you can be sure vacation mode will be instantly activated when you arrive.

Location: Between Walpole and Denmark

best beaches - peaceful bay
Source: @racheeymary

French Bay

A 20-minute drive from central Albany, the shallow turquoise waters of Frenchman Bay are divine for swimming and snorkeling, with the HMAS Perth dive wreck below the surface providing an ideal space for keen explorers.

If you visit between June and October, you may be lucky enough to catch the humpback whales and southern right whales that frolic at sea during the annual migration.

Location: Frenchman Bay, Western Australia

best beaches in albany - frenchman bay
Source: @doubleshotimages

Feature Picture: @kyle_hunter

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