83-year-old grandmother escaped World War II and an abusive husband to fulfill her dream of traveling the world


Elena Erkhova | Elena Erkhova and Taino Indians | Source: Facebook.com/Baba Lena Erkhova

After living a difficult life, surviving World War II and enduring the pain of living with an abusive husband, an 83-year-old woman has done the extraordinary. She stepped out of her comfort zone to achieve her life’s dream.

We all want to travel the world, don’t we? Many of us dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Others, on the other hand, want to go snorkeling in the Maldives and go on a safari in the jungles of Africa.

However, we all want to experience these beautiful things before we get old. Amazingly, the woman in today’s story embarked on her exciting journey of traveling the world on her 83rd birthday. Scroll down to read more about his experience.

A roller coaster ride

Elena Erkhova’s life was nothing short of a roller coaster ride. She witnessed multiple tragedies but always kept hope alive. When she was only three years old, both of her parents died at a time when she was thirsty for their love.

Erkhova was too young to understand the concept of death when her parents died. As she got older, she realized that they were watching her from above. His next trial began shortly after he turned fourteen.

While most 14-year-old girls were playing with their friends and exploring their fashion sense, Erkhova witnessed World War II. She was a fearless girl who wasn’t ready to give up.

A new start

As Erkhova grew older, the time for her to get married approached. Soon she was no longer a single woman. Erkhova shared that her married life was not so good. Her husband was a violent man who didn’t even spare his own daughter.

Then the grandmother of two embarked on her first dream trip.

Erkhova spent her life protecting her daughter and trying to give her the best life. She put her dreams and wishes on the back burner for the sake of her baby girl, unaware that her life would soon take a turn for the better.

Her dreams

In the 1970s, Erkhova, then 40, had the chance to fulfill her dream of exploring the world. His first international destinations were Germany, Poland and Prague. Erkhova’s first travel experience was a breath of fresh air for her.

What kept Erkhova from traveling the world was her finances. She never had enough money to visit the countries she wanted until she was 83. Erkhova recalls:

“My friends asked me why I had never travelled. They said, ‘You have the money.’ And I was like, ‘Why not?'”

The Adventures

On her 83rd birthday, Erkhova’s friends put her in touch with a travel agency and got her a passport. Then the grandmother of two embarked on her first dream trip. She explored Thailand, Italy, Vietnam, Spain and many other countries.

Erkhova liked to be called “Baba Lena”, and her travels were not just about seeing monuments and museums. She rafted in Mongolia, rode a camel on the sands of Israel and cycled in Germany.

Baba Lena relied mainly on her pension to finance her travels and on the income she derived from growing flowers and sewing. She was a determined woman who proved that wish fulfillment knows no age limit.

Travel alone

While Erkhova was in Vietnam, she caught the eye of Ekaterina Papina. Papina was a young tourist and Erkhova’s compatriot. She was surprised to see an elderly woman visiting an unknown country alone. Papina said:

“I was surprised by how she was so adventurous in her thinking and how clear and bright she was at her age.”

At this point, Erkhova struggled to explain to the waiter that her soup was too spicy. In addition to delivering her message to the server, Papina helped her create an Instagram account.

His travel diary

The idea of ​​sharing her journey with the world seemed interesting to Erkhova. Traveling the world after remaining in an abusive relationship was a refreshing experience for her. She shared photos of herself in different parts of the world on Instagram and quickly gained popularity.

“It’s easy to make friends when I’m away because a lot of people wonder [at] my age and my ability to travel, and they want to help,” Erkhova said. She liked interacting with people from other countries.

The grandmother had checked most countries off her to-do list when her life took a different turn. Erkhova had been suffering from terminal lung cancer for years, but she didn’t let her condition deter her.

His last message

Since she became famous in 2016, her followers have not stopped inviting her to their country. In her last Instagram post which she shared on December 8, 2018, she told her Brazilian followers:

“Thank you very much for your kind words and good wishes! I will definitely come to Brazil.”

After turning 91, Erkhova’s health began to deteriorate, but she never canceled her travel plans. Unfortunately, fate prevented her from visiting other countries after falling ill in January 2019.

leave a legacy

“She was in very serious condition. We did what we could,” Erkhova’s doctor said after her death. However, that didn’t mean people would forget about the globetrotter.

Erkhova left a legacy that inspired people of all ages to explore the world. With her determination, she proved that age is just a number.

After her disappearance, her grandson created Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts in her name and uploaded her travel photos there.

Share Erkhova’s inspiring story with your friends and family for their daily dose of motivation. They might plan a trip to their dream destination after reading this article.

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