Ensemble Shareholders Approve Navigatr Acquisition


Ensemble Travel Group shareholders have voted in favor of Navigatr Group’s acquisition of the travel agency consortium. The parties signed an acquisition agreement last month pending a shareholder vote.

The acquisition should be finalized at the end of May.

Ensemble’s current CEO, David Harris, will become Ensemble’s President, and Navigatr’s Michael Johnson will become Ensemble’s President. The agency consortium will operate as an autonomous entity within Navigatr.

Harris said members will be able to operate as usual, but will gain access to new tools such as the ADX agent platform.

“We are very pleased that shareholders have seen the myriad of opportunities this agreement presents to them, from access to new technologies and resources to the ability to streamline supplier contracts and programs,” Harris said in a statement. communicated.

Navigatr, a travel investment company, also owns hospitality agency Travel Edge. His other investments include Kensington Tours and luxury travel agency collective TripArc. ADX is at the heart of TripArc’s offerings.

“As I have gotten to know the team and members of Ensemble over the past few months, I am more confident than ever in the value this new consortium model represents,” Johnson said. “It has been very gratifying to hear members talk about their excitement about the additional opportunities and resources that will be available to them to grow and improve their business.

“The new Ensemble is truly poised for significant network growth to deliver to all of our stakeholders,” Johnson added.

Navigatr wasn’t the only company interested in Ensemble. Last week, Hickory Global Partners said it had made an offer to acquire Ensemble, but said the competing offer had not been disclosed to members. This drew the ire of at least one Ensemble member, Eric Goldring of Goldring Travel in Truckee, California. He said he believed Hickory’s announcement was made to disrupt the voting process on the Navigatr transaction.

Goldring favors the acquisition because of the technology Navigatr will bring to Ensemble, particularly for airline and hotel reservations.

It was also a draw for Ross Spalding, president of Crown Cruise Vacations in Princeton, NJ.

“I’m very excited for the future of Ensemble and its members, with the support of the Navigatr Group, whose mission and purpose is to make travel advisors and travel agencies more profitable,” Spalding said. . “Through this new partnership, Ensemble will quickly become a leader in airline and hospitality, building on its proven success and leadership in cruises, tours, marketing, meetings and events.”


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