Latest travel news: Europe’s knee-length travel restrictions put ski vacations at risk


AAustria has joined with France in tightening travel restrictions on British arrivals, just as the ski season kicks off.

From Saturday, all Britons wishing to visit the Alpine nation will be required to show full proof of vaccination, a booster and a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of travel. While not an outright ban on visiting, as in France, 54% of Telegraph readers believe such rules will discourage them from taking a ski vacation this season, as the industry reacts to the approach of the “knee” of nations at such a crucial time. .

“These gut responses seem unnecessary, so we have to hope that they will quickly remove them when their omicron percentages match those of the UK in about a week,” said Richard Sinclair, managing director of the specialist travel agency. . SNO.

Operators, resorts and holidaymakers have had to ‘hold their breath’ to see if the remaining departure over the new year, to destinations which remain open to British skiers, comes out unscathed.

“The UK travel industry is on its knees financially,” said Charles Owen, founder of Seasonal Business in Travel, which represents more than 200 companies operating in the mountains, as he joined the Chancellor’s calls for a ” “Supporting the thousands of workers who rely on the winter months to survive.”

Reports from the French Alps, where the British are now banned, suggest businesses are expected to lose 20% or more of season revenue over the next few weeks of celebration.

Once omicron becomes dominant on the continent, “it will be more difficult to justify these ill-conceived barriers to movement,” Sinclair said. Today, the British Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) is expected to confirm research suggesting that omicron causes much milder disease than delta and that booster vaccines offer “substantial” additional protection.

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