Pvt Bus Fares Rise Due To Diwali Demand And Threat Of MSRTC Hustle | Nashik News

Nashik: Private bus operators have started raising fares in response to increased demand during Diwali, the MSRTC’s fare hike, and also the continued unrest from MSRTC employees (who fear citizens , could potentially turn into a full-fledged strike).
Tour operators have increased bus fares from Rs 50 to Rs 700 depending on destination, bus availability and number of transport requests.
Arun Suryawanshi, secretary of the Nashik Travel Agents Association (NAAT), said: “As the fear of a lockdown has now subsided, people are eager to travel to various destinations in the north and south. As train tickets are already full, interstate and intra-state buses are in high demand. ”
According to tour operators, prices could increase further.
Tour operator Sanjay Patil said: “The demand is higher for destinations like Belagavi, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Surat, Hyderabad and even Goa. The demand for Pune and Mumbai has also increased.
Fares for Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad and other areas have increased by Rs 50 from their current price, which is Rs 400. Likewise, the price of tickets to Kolhapur has increased by Rs 100 from its price. current of Rs 700.
“The fare to Goa from Nashik has increased by 700 rupees. Rates have increased depending on the destination. Most operators will increase prices further at the start of the holiday. The hustle and bustle of the MSRTC is also having an impact on prices, ”said Rahul Pande, another tour operator.
“Previously there was a guarantee of MSRTC bus services. However, following the MSRTC Diwali-time strike in 2017, the scenario has changed. I paid 1000 rupees to book tickets to Goa at the previously applicable price and I’m told the fare will not change any further, ”said Sangita Lande, a Nashik-based businesswoman who booked tickets for his family.

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