Summer Adventurer’s Guide to Falls Creek


Blue Dirt Mountain Bike Shuttles
The summer season sees Falls Creek ski trails transformed into world-class mountain biking trails, with over 40 miles of trails for all skill levels. The longest route is the 10 kilometer descent from the summit to Howmans Gap. Blue Dirt Mountain Bike Shuttles help you trick gravity, with shuttles parked in the village and at Howmans Gap to take you back to the top of the mountain, so you can start all over again. The shuttles run all day and you can hop on as many times as you want. Bike rental is also available for $ 99 per day. The shuttles operate until April 19, 2022.

Falls Creek Guides
You don’t need to bring a lot of gear (or have a lot of local knowledge) to have adventures in the High Plains. Guides at Falls Creek provide you with everything you need to explore the mountains by e-bike or on foot, taking care of logistics and providing valuable interpretation of the area. There are nine cycling and hiking activities to choose from. Take an electric bike ride around Pretty Valley Pondage and to the top of Falls Creek (lunch included) or embark on a five-day expedition adventure, with accommodations at Nelse Lodge and all meals included. For something in between, try the 24-kilometer Falls Creek Crown Electric Bike Ride, taking in views of Victoria’s highest peak, Mount Bogong, and the beautiful Kiewa Valley.

Peak Adventure
We may not have many great natural alpine lakes in Australia, but we have found a way to have fun with our water tanks. At 1,800 meters above sea level, Rocky Valley Lake is the highest body of water in the country. Peak Adventure runs a two-hour kayaking or stand-up paddle (SUP) lesson in the lake, which includes all equipment, instruction, and local environmental education. For an additional fee, you can even organize a picnic. The Family Fun Paddle is a one-hour kid-friendly introduction, while the Sundowner Paddle or Ride offers an evening kayaking excursion on the lake. A picnic basket made with local produce is available as an add-on, which includes Posh Plonk wine, Bright Brewery beer, and Milawa Cheese Co. It can get chilly on the lake, so consider bringing warmer layers. , or at least a windbreaker jacket.

Mountain walking and hiking
You cannot come to the high country without letting yourself be drawn into strolling among the wild flowers and the mottled trunks of the gums. And you don’t have to walk far to find lone gems. The Aqueduct Trail departs from the village and crosses mountain bike trails and winter ski trails, bypassing the Nordic Bowl and Rocky Valley Lake. If you’re looking for something outside of the village area, head to the Alpine National Park (which surrounds the village), following the Wallaces Heritage Trail past the historic Wallace Hut, the oldest hut in National Park rancher and the Cope built in 1929. Hut, where you can climb Mount Cope, one of the highest peaks in the High Country at 1837 meters. Other walks include the quieter Fainter Falls Trail, a 1.5 mile return trail with a gentle climb up to the falls themselves, and the Frying Pan Spur, which is best approached at sunset and offers stunning views of the end of the world of the surrounding mountains and valleys (just be sure to pack a headlamp for the return trip).

Disc golf
Have you never tried disc golf? Think of it as a cross between frisbee, golf, and a nature walk. Surprisingly fun, disc golf is one of those games that brings out the competitive spirit in people you least expect. The rules are similar to those in golf: you start from a starting point (or “tee shot”) and aim to place your disc in specialized, raised baskets (or “pole hole”) with the fewest throws. . The Falls Creek course has nine holes and is located in the scenic Nordic Bowl, and you can rent discs at the Tourist Information Center. Children will receive a certificate of completion when they return their scorecard. Remember, the lower score wins.

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