Travel advisor books best suite on Royal Caribbean World Cruise: Travel Weekly


Less than a week after opening the books of its first global cruise, Royal Caribbean received its most expensive cabin reservation to date, with a Dream Vacations franchise owner booking the best accommodation in sailing 2023, the Royal Suite .

Theresa Graham, co-owner of Dream Vacations TravelPerks in Eugene, Ore., Will soon receive the biggest commission check ever written by Royal Caribbean for a single booking. Graham’s client booked the suite for $ 772,331.

Councilors applaud

Royal Caribbean’s longest-ever global cruise at 274 days has garnered positive reviews from travel advisers.

“We are delighted to see such a rich booking made by a travel consultant,” said Vicki Freed, senior vice president of sales, commercial support and services at Royal Caribbean. “We are pleased to pay this well-deserved commission. We are very grateful to see the travel counselor community bounce back from the past 18 months of chaos in our industry and around the world.”

Graham’s husband Gary Smith started his travel agency almost 18 years ago. Since 2012, they have been working with the client who booked the suite.

“I have had the opportunity to build a wonderful relationship with this couple,” she said. “We’ve worked on so many fantastic crossings, then all the suspended crossings, and I’ve been instrumental in managing his many cruise credits and protecting his interests. He knows he’s my client and trusts me to take good care of him. ”

Graham said when the guest informed her that he was considering the 274-day Ultimate World Cruise, departing December 10, 2023 on the Serenade of the Seas, she immediately called Royal Caribbean to book the Royal Suite.

She said that she and Gary’s long-standing focus on relationships really paid off in this situation: the client had cruise credits with an online agency through a booking made with a group of friends. .

“This well-known online agency would not return their call or provide them with the certificate numbers for their credits,” Smith said. “I was able to work with the cruise line’s customer services and get the credit certificates to apply to one of their other reservations. Imagine if that other agency had made such an impression on her that she had instead. won that sale. Every interaction counts. “

To that end, Smith said TravelPerks is “all about relationships,” big and small.

“The same day I finished this sale, I also booked a one-way plane ticket for a $ 75 booking fee,” she said. “We celebrate success, but most of all, we celebrate the relationships and the opportunity to work with truly great clients.”

Graham said that as exceptional as this sale is, “it is not starting to cover our losses from the pandemic.”

“It’s a wonderful example of returning from cruising and it’s a light that guides us through this tunnel. We have been hit very hard by this and have kept agents employed throughout it so that we can preserve our relationships with our customers while processing refunds and managing cruise and travel credits. Because of this, we are incredibly proud that this has paid off and we have maintained 5 star ratings from Google throughout this time, but also, more importantly, our amazing customers. “


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