When can I travel to India? Borders are now open to travelers from 99 countries around the world


Over the past six months, the world’s bucket list travel destinations have slowly reopened. Places like Bali and Vietnam have been open to international travelers for a little while now. Others, including the United States and Australia, have finally started welcoming foreign visitors. But then there is India.

Travel to and from India has been on hold since the start of the pandemic, when the country implemented a strict lockdown. In October, chartered flights began to land in the country, but most leisure travelers had not been able to visit it so far.

However, from November 2021, the country will allow fully vaccinated travelers from 99 countries, including the UK and the US. The Indian government will issue half a million tourist visas by March 2022.

This is the first time that travel has been permitted since March 2020. Social distancing is still mandatory, with fines in some states, while masks are mandatory on public transport. And the pandemic is far from over, as only 27% of the population is completely stung.

You should note that each of the country’s 28 states are allowed to set different rules for international arrivals, so restrictions may vary depending on which airport you are flying to. See here for a breakdown by state.

Also: you will need to check that the flights are departing from your country, as some operators have not yet resumed full service. The Department of Civil Aviation has strict guidelines on who can book a flight.

This is no reason not to continue planning this trip, of course. Check out our essential travel guide to the best of India and start creating this itinerary.

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